Celebrity Apprentice, Ordinary Family

Did you see Trace Adkins last night? He won on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice playing for the American Red Cross. (He’s a member of our National Celebrity Cabinet.) Through the course of the show, he raised over $1.5 million for us–wow! Thank you, Trace!!

What touched me the most, though, wasn’t Trace’s celebrity status, but his personal story about why the Red Cross is important to him. He was away on tour when his own home caught fire, but his wife and three daughters were there. So was the Red Cross, in the form of a volunteer named Suzy. “Suzy showed up right on the heels of the firefighters,” Adkins said. “The Red Cross was there when I couldn’t be.”

As a representative of the Red Cross, Adkins saw firsthand the volunteer response to Hurricane Sandy, but he didn’t realize that 70.000 times per year, local chapters and volunteers respond to home fires and other disasters without fanfare or media attention. Neighbors help out their neighbors. When the Adkins’ family home burned, they were not the “Award-Winning Country Star Trace Adkins’ Family,” they were simply a family who needed the support the Red Cross provides.

As Adkins said moments before he was announced as the winner of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, “There’s a Red Cross volunteer right this second helping someone in this country.” We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing volunteers!


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