Volunteer Superhero

Donna Gehring of rural Waseca has been a faithful American Red Cross volunteer for years. The Red Cross is proud of all of our amazing volunteers, but one recent weekend, Donna went WAY above and beyond what we normally ask our volunteers to do.Donna Gehring is still smiling after a VERY busy weekend with the Red Cross.

Donna is in charge of “Christmas Time’s A’Comin’,” an annual fundraiser for the Rice/LeSuer/Waseca chapter of the Red Cross. This year, it was held on December 7 and 8. There are three shows over the course of the weekend, and Donna coordinates all of the decorating beforehand, as well as volunteer coverage for each of the shows. She makes sure there are volunteers for four-hour shifts at each of two tables at the event. She also attends each show, so she’s there if any problems should arise.

Donna was ready for Saturday to be a big day–two shows to cover would keep anyone busy. But she didn’t know that she’d be running the shows without much sleep. She got the call to go to a fire in Waseca at 2 a.m. on Saturday, and went out to check on the people who were affected. She then came back to run the two Christmas shows, not getting home until after 10p.m. Starting at 2a.m. and working until 10p.m. is a long shift for anyone, but Donna was still ready to handle the show on Sunday afternoon.

Most people would try to relax on Monday after such a long weekend. Not Donna! She was scheduled to work at noon at a blood drive at the Waseca American Legion. At 10a.m., her phone rang, and she was asked to respond to a fire in  New Richland. Which she did–and then went to the blood drive.The Red Cross does rely on volunteers–but not usually to respond to 2 fires, 3 special events, and 1 blood drive within 3 days! Thank you, Donna–you are our superhero!


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  1. Frank E. Shemonek Sr.

    Thank you Donna for your great support. You are amazing.

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